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COLLAGEN+ is a premium 3-in-1 supplement for improved skin, hair, joints and bones that also provides prebiotics and Konjac root for a healthy digestive system, improved nutrient absorption and natural appetite suppression.


Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides

Inulin (Chicory Root)

Glucomannan (Konjac Root)

Acacia Gum

Suggested Use

Mix 1 level scoop once or twice (for best results) per day into any hot or cold beverage (drink immediately) or as an added nutrient source to soup, oatmeal, smoothies, shakes, yogurt, meals or baked goods.

To reduce appetite, take between meals. Great substitute for times when the need for a snack sneaks up on you.


Use only as directed. Choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children. If gastrointestinal discomfort is experienced, stop taking the product immediately. As with any dietary supplement, you should consult your healthcare provider before use, especially if pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, taking medications or have know adverse reactions or allergies.

This product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, fish soy and tree nuts.



  1. What is collagen? Collagen is an important type of protein that the body uses in ligaments, tendons, muscles, connective tissues and vital organs.  Collagen also makes up a large part of our skin, hair and nails.
  2. Why do we need collagen? Your body naturally produces collagen, however the amount of collagen production declines as we age and collagen needs can increase with lifestyle choices such as poor diet, lack of exercise, sun exposure, stress and poor microbiome health. 
  3. How much collagen do we need and how do we get it?
    1. There are no recommended daily intake of collagen and it all depends on one’s age, gender, genetic, lifestyle and exposure to level of stress (sun, oxidative, etc.)
    2. Several studies show that 5g – 10g of collagen daily is the optimum level to increase collagen in your serum, improve skin conditions and wrinkles, and improve overall health of joints even for active individuals
  4. What is dietary fiber? Dietary fiber - found mainly in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes - is the indigestible portion of food that is required for various health benefit. Over 85% of our populations do not consumer recommended daily intake of dietary fibers.
  5. Why do we need dietary fiber? Fiber is a material containing substances that are resistant to digestive enzymes. Fiber adds bulk and texture to foods. And, dietary fiber is probably best known for its ability to prevent or relieve constipation. But foods containing fiber can provide other health benefits as well, such as helping to maintain a healthy weight and lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  6. How much fiber do we need and how do we get it? The recommended daily intake of dietary fiber is 28 -35g depending on your age and your gender. Some studies suggest that only 11% of Americans get their recommended daily intake of fiber.
  7. What are prebiotics? Much has been published about probiotics and the potential health benefits of adding additional live bacteria into your digestive system and microbiome. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics are special plant fibers or polysaccharides that are the food for all the good bacteria in your digestive system and microbiome.
  8. Why do we need prebiotics? Prebiotics support probiotics, but more importantly, prebiotics provide nourishment to the existing good bacteria in your microbiome. Without prebiotics, your digestive system and microbiome is more susceptible to foreign and bad bacteria.
  9. Where do we get prebiotics? Prebiotic compounds can be found in certain food items that are rich in dietary fiber. However, not all fibrous foods contain these desirable substances. Studies have shown that over 80% of Americans do not consume prebiotics. When was last time you had serving size of Chicory Root, Jerusalem Artichoke, Dandelion Greens and Acacia? You can get prebiotics one of two ways...
    1. From the food you eat
    2. From supplementation – Prebiotics are ideal for supplementation. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics are not destroyed by the body and are not affected by heat, water or stomach acid.
  10. How much prebiotics do you need? Several studies have demonstrated feeding prebiotics along at 2g to 10g can populate good bacteria in your digestive system. As prebiotics are fibrous material, they can cause bloating. So, we recommend one serving of COLLAGEN+ twice a day to help create a happier digestive system and healthier microbiome. 
  11. What is Glucomannan? It’s a beneficial, soluble and fermentable dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac plant.
  12. What is Konjac? Konjac fiber has been used for thousands of years as both food and traditional medicine in Asia. Several studies have revealed that supplementing with Konjac Glucomannan can significantly help with hunger, lower plasma cholesterol, improve carbohydrate metabolism, encourage bowel movements and promote a healthy colon.
  13. Why does it make sense to combine all 3 (collagen, prebiotics and dietary fiber) in COLLAGEN+? It is easy to see the benefits of collagen supplementation. By adding prebiotics and dietary fiber (Glucomannan), we also support your digestive system and microbiome which improves digestion, nutrient absorption and helps you to feel fuller.  

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