Screen-Free Family Fitness: Toss Aside the Electronics and Get the Family Moving

by Shannon Philpott-Sanders December 26, 2018

Screen-Free Family Fitness: Toss Aside the Electronics and Get the Family Moving

Technology is a wonderful thing, and even helpful when you’re accessing apps and motivation for your weight loss journey. However, many times, technology makes you unaware of how you’re consuming food. And … it can even lead you to a sedentary versus an active lifestyle.  

If you’ve been guilty of surfing the web on your phone while eating or have noticed that your physical activity has waned because of those screens, it’s time to make a change.  

Toss aside those electronics, shut down the Fortnite game and get the entire family out and about for screen-free fun and fitness. Need some suggestions? Try out these screen-free family fitness challenges:  

Launch a Jump Roping Contest: This is an exceptional way to get the heart rate up and use just about every muscle in the body. Start by supplying each family member with a jump rope. Team up or host individual contests to see who can jump for the longest length of time or even challenge your kids and spouse to add a dance move to the jump roping session. When you add a competitive element, it can prompt everyone in your family to jump longer or even get creative with ways they jump and move their bodies.  

Host a Game of Tag: Kids have an advantage because their stamina is often much better than adults and they can run for longer periods of time. Running around a track, though, is often viewed as ‘boring.’ Instead, play a game of tag with the kids to get in some physical fitness and some screen-free time. Vary the activity, too, to keep their interest. For example, you can play flashlight tag in the evenings when they need some exercise, or play Red Rover.  

Be a Gymnast: This screen-free fitness activity prompts kids and parents to show off their slips, rolls, and somersaults while hosting an outdoor acrobatics workshop. Gymnastics is a great way to exercise because it focuses on stretching, too. Get in some exercise while also helping kids collaborate and teach each other how to perfect a cartwheel or a backbend.  

Take a Hike With a Twist: Explore the local parks and wooded areas of your community while getting in some screen-free time and family fitness. If your kids get bored easily and don’t want to trek through the woods, add a twist to the exercise to keep them engaged. Before embarking on your hike, create a scavenger hunt list. For instance, add items such as “an Oak Tree” or “a baby rabbit” to the list and see who can find these critters or “nature” items first while you are climbing hills and navigating the trails.  

Make sure you are fueled, hydrated and ready to take on some screen-free family fitness. Joy Nutritionals can help you with that. Check out our complete line of dietary supplements and all-natural solutions for your weight loss journey at Joy NutritionalsWe are here to assist, educate and supply you with the tools and resources to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Shannon Philpott-Sanders
Shannon Philpott-Sanders

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