Metabolism Defined: How Your Metabolism Affects Weight Loss

by Shannon Philpott-Sanders January 07, 2019

Metabolism Defined: How Your Metabolism Affects Weight Loss

One of the biggest misconceptions about weight gain and weight loss is that metabolism is the sole culprit. While your metabolism is linked to your weight, the reality is that a slow metabolism is not always the cause of excess weight gain. However, knowing more about how your metabolism works can help you kick your weight loss journey up a notch. 

How Does Metabolism Work? 

In simple terms, metabolism is the process where your body converts food and liquids into energy. In scientific terms, your food and drinks combine with oxygen to help formulate the energy you need to function each day. These functions range from movement while awake and basic functions such as growing, cell repair, breathing and blood circulation while you’re asleep.  

What Causes Weight Gain? 

When people gain weight, metabolism only plays a minimal part. Weight gain is often complex and is affected by your diet composition, hormones, genetic makeup and even lifestyle habits such as stress, sleep and physical activity.  

When these factors are imbalanced, your energy is affected. However, primarily, you gain weight when you consume more calories than you burn or burn less calories than you consume.  

How Can You Make Your Metabolism Work in Your Favor? 

The harsh reality is that some people do lose weight more quickly than others; however, you have the potential and chemical makeup to lose weight when you burn more calories than you are consuming each day. The result is an energy deficit that leads to weight loss.  

While it sounds simple, your metabolism can’t bear the weight of helping you slim down. Beyond choosing carefully what you eat and limiting your daily calorie intake, you also need increased physical activity, a regular exercise regimen and a healthy outlook to make your weight loss journey work in your favor.  

How Can You Give Your Body a Boost? 

You can also benefit from all-natural supplements that give you the boost you need. For example, replacing a meal with the MYO-FIT Shake provides you with a delicious, smooth beverage that keeps you feeling full, ultimately reducing your cravings throughout the day.  

In addition, you can also give your weight loss journey a boost with 511 Purify, which helps to increase your metabolism. This product from Joy Nutritionals offers deep cleansing and intermittent fasting support, as well as boosting your body’s defenses against toxins by supporting antioxidant enzymes and supplementing antioxidant levels. 

Stay on track during your weight loss journey armed with the knowledge and support you need. Let Joy Nutritionals be a part of the journey. Check out our complete line of dietary supplements and all-natural solutions for your weight loss journey at Joy NutritionalsWe are here to assist, educate and supply you with the tools and resources to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Shannon Philpott-Sanders
Shannon Philpott-Sanders

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