How Slow Eating Significantly Enhances Your Weight Loss Journey

by Shannon Philpott-Sanders December 31, 2018

How Slow Eating Significantly Enhances Your Weight Loss Journey

A few years ago, residents in Italy launched what is now known as the Slow Food Movement. As an alternative to the ever-popular Fast Food Movement that has led to the downfall of weight loss journeys nationwide, the Slow Food Movement stresses the importance of eating slower and savoring your food, while ultimately helping with portion control.  

As a result, people who eat slower and joining the movement – either formally or informally – are finding that the benefits have helped them to transform their lifestyle and shed the pounds.  

The Benefits of Eating Slower 

While it may be obvious that rushing through a meal is not healthy, you may not know that there are many benefits to eating slower that are not as obvious.  

  • You Enjoy Your Food More: When you rush through a meal, you have less of an opportunity to enjoy the taste. Eating slower gives you the opportunity to take note of the powerful ingredients, natural juices and fresh flavors.  
  • You Digest Your Food Better: When you are eating slower, you naturally chew your food completely. As a result, you improve your digestion. Digestive problems are common and often, eating too fast, can significantly impact your risk of developing problematic digestive issues. 

  • You Reduce Your Stress Level: Stress is inevitable, but when you can do something as simple as eating slower to reduce your stress, it’s a no-brainer. Instead of eating at your desk at work or taking a bite here or there while working, take the time to truly chew your food, cherish the moment and eliminate stress from your mind and body. Enhance your results even more with Balance as part of your daily diet. 
  • You Lose Weight: Countless studies have proven that when you eat slower, you consume fewer calories. Primarily, when you eat slower, your brain registers that you are full within 20 minutes. If you inhale your meal within 20 minutes, you haven’t given your brain enough time to send a signal, letting you know you are full and it’s time to stop eating. 

As you begin to adopt the practice of eating slower, you may also find that hydration is an essential element. The more water you drink, the more full you feel. When combining products, such as JET and healthy meals that are eaten slower, you’ll soon see that you can significantly enhance your efforts to lose weight and maintain a healthy mind and body.  

Joy Nutritionals wants to be part of your journey. Check out our complete line of dietary supplements and all-natural solutions for your weight loss journey at Joy NutritionalsWe are here to assist, educate and supply you with the tools and resources to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Shannon Philpott-Sanders
Shannon Philpott-Sanders

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