Avoid the Food Overload: How to Maintain Your Diet During the Holidays

by Shannon Philpott-Sanders December 03, 2018

Avoid the Food Overload: How to Maintain Your Diet During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy and gatherings, but when you’re trying to maintain your diet, the buffets of fatty foods and sweet desserts may cause you to want to skip the celebrations. However, you can still enjoy the holidays without overindulging and overeating.  

Here’s how:  

Load Up On Water 

Water naturally takes up space in your stomach, leaving less room for those pastries, cookies and slices of ham or turkey. Plan to drink at least 16 ounces of water before you arrive at a holiday meal or celebration so that you feel full before you even start adding food to your plate. Loading up on water also helps you stay hydrated and can help prevent bloating if you do fall to temptation and nibble on a few decorated cookies.  

Opt for a Small Plate 

You can’t overload your plate if you don’t have the space to do so. When gathering with friends and family members, seek out the smallest plate option before the feast. And, avoid opting for separate bowls or plates for salad and dinner. Small portions, in addition to healthy supplements, such as the 511 System Pack that help curb your appetite, can help you to maintain your diet and continue reaching your weight loss goals through the holidays. 

Don’t Arrive Hungry 

Many times, people think that if they eat less before a holiday feast, they will consume less. However, the opposite is often true. If you are starving, it could lead to overeating. Instead, before you arrive at a holiday party, indulge in a healthy, low-calorie snack so you don’t feel ravenous when eyeing the food spread.  

Get in a Pre-Feast Workout 

Offset some of the calories you may consume while getting your heart pumping well before the holiday feast begins. In addition, exercise may even make you feel less hungry and more focused on your weight loss goals. Vary your workout to include both cardio and strength training so you feel completely stretched and ready to take on the day at a holiday party. Fuel up with JET before and after your workout, so you remain hydrated throughout the day. 

Hold Off On Alcohol 

While it’s common to have a few cocktails when you’re celebrating the holidays, if you consume alcohol before your meal, you are more likely to pay less attention to what you are eating. Snacking while drinking alcoholic beverages is also common. Instead, eat your meal first before enjoying a glass of wine. Watch, too, that you don’t overindulge in alcoholic beverages that feature empty calories.    

It’s difficult to stick to your weight loss goals, especially during the holidays, but with a strategic plan and products from Joy Nutritionals, you can stay on target at any time of the year.  

Check out our complete line of dietary supplements and all-natural solutions for your weight loss journey at Joy NutritionalsWe are here to assist, educate and supply you with the tools and resources to live a healthy lifestyle.  

Shannon Philpott-Sanders
Shannon Philpott-Sanders

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