A Diet Is Not All or Nothing: Don't Feel Guilty About Not Being Perfect

by Shannon Philpott-Sanders October 04, 2018

A Diet Is Not All or Nothing: Don't Feel Guilty About Not Being Perfect

Embarking on an adventure to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight can be extremely exciting, especially when you start seeing results. However, maintaining a consistent schedule with diet and exercise takes its toll when you realize that you’re not perfect. A busy day at the office may wreak havoc on your workout routine or an office party may tempt you to take a bite of that birthday cake in the breakroom.  

Then, the onset of guilt begins. In fact, researchers from the University of Canterbury found in a recent study that people who have goals to lose weight, and associate sweets such as chocolate cake with guilt, are often less successful at shedding the pounds.  

Dieting, though, doesn’t have to be all or nothing – and guilt, especially, shouldn’t be part of the equation.  

How to Rid Yourself of Guilt 

  1. Take Ownership of Your Choices: Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is just that – a choice. Realize that there may be times when you have to make a difficult choice when you’re in a hurry and need to satisfy your hunger and fuel your body. You may also have to skip a workout to take care of a family obligation. Realize that mishaps in your diet and exercise routine may happen, and as long as you’re willing to own those choices and get back on track, there’s no need to feel guilty. 
  1. Start Slow: You could be setting yourself up for feelings of guilt and even a sense of failure if you jumpstart your healthy lifestyle with an all-or-nothing approach. You don’t have to change everything about your lifestyle immediately. Take gradual steps to increase your exercise and diet. In addition, try adding in healthy, all-natural supplements, such as MYO-FIT Shakes from Joy Nutritionals, that can give you the boost you need when your energy wanes.  

  1. Change One Habit at a Time: It’s easy to get burnt out on dieting and exercising when you make a complete lifestyle rapidly. In fact, emotionally, you may find yourself dreading meals if you don’t find the food appealing. Consider changing one habit at a time so you are less likely to misstep and face feelings of guilt.  
  1. Seek Out Help from the Experts: You need inspiration to make life changes. Therefore, seek out the guidance and support you need. For example, you can enlist the help of family and friends to join you by eating healthy and exercising. You can also tap into the knowledge of experts at Joy Nutritionals, to find the perfect supplements to help you along the way. For instance, DAILY DETOX gives you a fresh start by defending your body against toxins that can impede your ability to lose weight.  

Lose the guilt and learn more about ways you can tone your body, lose weight and feel good – not guilty – about your lifestyle changes. Check out our complete line of dietary supplements and all-natural solutions for your weight loss journey at Joy NutritionalsWe are here to assist, educate and supply you with the tools and resources to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Shannon Philpott-Sanders
Shannon Philpott-Sanders

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